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Hi, I am a mum, a teacher, a natural Dread Loctician and the owner & founder of Divine Dreadlocks Australia. I have been creating, maintaining and loving dreadlocks since I had my first dreads made in Thailand in the year 2000. It all began when I started maintaining my own with a small hook and a business organically grew as my locking skills became sort after. After many requests to learn my 100% natural instant method of dreadlocking, I decided to merge my skills as a dread Loctician with my passion for teaching by creating professional dreadlocking courses.  I began running them live from my dreadlock lounge in Byron Bay in 2013 and soon received the calling to teach people around the world. So, I've created these online dreadlocking courses to give anyone the opportunity to learn a fun skill that enables you to work creatively and be your own boss! I truly hope you love them!! Blessings! Ema xox

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