Natural Loctician Certificate (L.1)

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If you're a handy, people person and you'd love to have your own boutique creative business then this is the perfect course for you! It's designed to allow you create your own working days and hours and keep overheads low by working from home. You can also take these skills and your small tool belt and be location independent or work whilst travelling anywhere in the world! Or you can integrate these skills into your existing salon if you're already a hairdresser or hair stylist!

This Natural Loctician Certificate Course is the most thorough, professional course you will find anywhere on how to be a top quality dread loctician and run your own business. Not only will you learn how to apply the Divine Hand & Hook natural method of dreadlocking, you will also learn all the theory necessary to run a successful, lucrative, lifestyle business! 

 Em, your trainer will teach you every little aspect of running a dreadlocking business which she has learnt through her own experiences of dreadlocking in 7 different countries in numerous settings since the year 2000. This will enable you to become the best Dread Loctician you can be and gather a loyal following of repeat clients. All your work will be 100% natural: which means product, chemical and wax free dreads which your clients will love!

All aspects of this method and course are the Copyright of Emma and Divine Dreadlocks. It is not available for replication or sharing. By purchasing this course you agree to all the terms & conditions. Click the link to read them. 

The full Loctician Kit is available to purchase from Divine Dreadlocks SHOP for $Au150. Express Post is included to Australia. Please add postage fee to your country if you live outside Australia.

We assure you that this course is of a very high standard as your trainer is a qualified teacher (B.A.V.A & Diploma Education 2009) with over 19 years experience working as a Dread Loctician in 7 different countries.  It was also created by a team of professional film makers and editors.

As an online student of this course, you will also gain access to a wide range of support including access to your trainer & other Locticians on a private Facebook support group, so you won't feel alone! Click here for full support details. Membership in this group is free for as long as Divine Dreadlocks is offering dreadlock training. 

Please "like" Divine Dreadlocks Tribe on Facebook to check out Em's work and that of past students now rocking the dreadlocking trade! It can inspire you. 

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As soon as you purchase this course you will get access (via email) to 20 files. There is a Course Guide, 11 HD video tutorials and 8 PDFs of theory. Label your email DIVINE DREADLOCKS so you can access the course with ease anytime. COURSE TIME FRAME: 7 days min - 3 months max. NB: After 3 months your eligibility for Certification expires. (extensions can be available by special request). Once you have passed the course assessments you will get your Certificate via email. NOTE: You must have internet access to do this course!! ** You may also download the Gumroad Library APP on android and apple phones or tablets where you can make videos watchable offline. YOu need internet to do this and then the videos will be stored in your app ** However it is highly recommended that you watch all videos on a computer when you're going to go through the practical tasks, (not a mobile device) as the videos include fine details which are much harder to see on a small device). You will have constant access to this course for as long as your trainer is offering training. Access is guaranteed for at least 1 year. Thanks for buying this course! IT IS NOT REFUNDABLE AFTER 24HRS!

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Natural Loctician Certificate (L.1)

2 ratings