Dreadlock Maintenance Course - For yourself or your Loved one!

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This course will teach YOU "Do It Yourself Dreadlock maintenance" using the Divine Hand & Hook method, from the perspective of your Loctician Trainer (locking since 2000) doing her own dreadlock maintenance, PLUS it also contains a bonus video from the Art of Natural Dreadlocking Course that will teach a loved one/sister/brother/mother/friend how to maintain your dreadlocks FOR YOU as well. You'll need a D.I.Y Maintenance tool kit to get the job done properly and you'll need to  make sure to wash your dreads with a 100% natural shampoo or loc bloc 3 days before you do your maintenance. 


1: Introduction to the DH&H method and course. 

2: Tools, maintenance issues covered & how to begin. 

3: How to hold your hook and lock in dread regrowth. (1 front & 1 back)

4: How to hook in your loops & bumps permanently.

5: How to remove your dread fuzz, complete the job & the after effect.

6: Course Conclusion.

7. **BONUS TUTORIAL: How to maintain dreadlocks (FOR SOMEONE ELSE) using the Divine Hand & Hook Method. (100% natural. No products needed)

This final tutorial is the 6th tutorial in the Art of Natural Dreadlocking Course. It teaches people how to maintain dreads for others from the correct perspective as opposed to the do it yourself perspective. This is perfect if you wish to maintain the dreads of your loved one or you have dreads and want your loved one to do it for you when you get tired of doing your own. 


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You'll get an email with a button to enter the course. You need to have a good internet connection and the latest browsers, for the best streaming experience (like YouTube) and a laptop or desktop is recommended for the best learning experience. You may miss some detail when watching on a mobile. You can also download the gumroad app on a tablet to have immediate access to your course!

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Dreadlock Maintenance Course - For yourself or your Loved one!

0 ratings